Meet the Pico Hybrid

Meet Pico Hybrid

It's even smaller, yet more functional.

  • DualDiameter

    You can switch from 1.75 to 3mm filaments in seconds with just the swap of a nozzle.
  • True All-metal AND PTFE-lined at the swap of a nozzle. No false claims.

    Thanks to full length nozzle geometries, our hot-end functions in either true All-metal or PTFE-lined configurations. All you have to do is swap the nozzle.
  • Smallest, lightest, & most compact hot-end — Ever.

    Just 51mm short and weighing less than 28 grams fully loaded with the heater, thermistor and integrated micro blower.
  • Direct Drive or Bowden. Decide on your terms.

    Pico Hybrid supports direct drive and bowden configurations out of the box using included inserts. No need to choose an adapter at checkout or purchase one later.

Thermal Simulation & Flow Trajectory

Extensive FEA analysis redefined the limits of design — air flow simulation allowed us to scrutinize and carefully select which fan perfectly met our design goals for a sharp transition zone. Blower fans allow us to focus that flow on this critical area. Combining flow with thermal analysis, we are able to accurately simulate the whole package. The incredible results speak for themselves: Reduced weight. Reduced footprint. Reduced Extrusion force. Maximum reliability. A professional hot-end for serious users.
Thermal Simulation & Flow Trajectory

Modular Design

The idea behind Pico Hybrid is to solve the dilemma of having to choose one style of hot-end and trying to make it work for every job. Hands down, PTFE-lined hot-ends are the most reliable way to print PLA, especially for beginners. And a one-piece all-metal nozzle is the only way to go for high temperature materials. So we developed a modular design that can adapt by swapping nozzles and heater blocks... All-metal and PTFE. 1.75 and 3.00mm. 300C and 500C*. Precision and high-flow, are all possible with one hot-end.

* Coming Soon
Modular Design