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Warnings and Safety Information


The heat break on the Pico Hybrid heatsink is very thin for thermal performance, making it easy to break under excess shear and twisting force. When installing Pico Hybrid, do not apply sideways pressure on the hotend below the heatsink, especially without a nozzle installed. Do not attempt to tighten nozzles beyond the light application of a wrench. It is recommended that all nozzles be installed finger-tight when possible. When changing nozzles ensure all filament is retracted out of the hotend before attempting to unthread the nozzles.


If a wrench must be used on the nozzle, make sure a second wrench is used to hold the flats on the bottom of the heater block to prevent damage to the heat sink.



The 5V voltage regulator wire harnesses included with the Pico Hybrid and Part Cooling Fan are not protected against reverse polarity. Plugging in these devices without confirming polarity will result in damage to the regulator and the connected fan. Please consult the wiring documentation for your printer before installing. For your convenience, we have provided some common wiring diagrams below.


General Guides

Nozzle Changing Guide (PDF)


Installation Instructions

1.75mm Bowden Setup Guide (PDF) 

3.00mm Bowden Setup Guide (PDF)

1.75mm Direct Drive Setup Guide (PDF)

3.00mm Direct Drive Setup Guide (PDF)

Integrated Part Cooling Setup Guide (coming soon)


Wiring Diagrams


Duet 2 Maestro

Duet 2 Wifi/Ethernet

Duet 3 v1.0/1.1

Duet 3 Mini



Ender 3 / CR-10 / Ender 5 (includes Pro and Plus models)

Ender 3 V2

Ender 6


Sermoon D1



MK2 / MK2S

MK3 / MK3S